Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA)

Background- Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) was established in August 2001 in response to calls to Government to restructure its assistance, and support for development of citizen entrepreneurs and economic empowerment. CEDA was therefore established as an initiative that would provide solutions to the constraints on citizen economic participation. As a result it places emphasis not only on funding, but also on the development of citizen entrepreneurs through training and mentoring. Fully funded by the government of Botswana, CEDA is an autonomous and registered company with a board of directors. Introduction- CEDA has been established in response to the concerns on the adequacy and effectiveness of the existing citizen empowerment schemes. CEDA's establishment was mooted from recommendations of a National Conference on Citizen Economic Empowerment (NACCEE) held in July 1999 and from the 4th Financial Assistance Policy (FAP) evaluation. There was a call for a consolidation of some existing as well as new empowerment schemes. CEDA is therefore meant to redirect, energize, and invigorate these schemes with respect to citizen business development with the objective of enabling Batswana to participate meaningfully in every aspect of the economy. Structure- The control of CEDA is vested in the Board of Directors appointed by the Botswana Government. The Board of directors consists of representatives from Government and Non Government agencies. In this way commercial sense balanced with the social responsibility of Government will come to bear on the operations of CEDA. The key functions of the board of directors are to direct, monitor and control the strategic direction of CEDA, ensuring that sound business policies are practiced and the objectives of the agency are being met. The Chief Executive Officer assisted by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Operations) and Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Corporate Services) and the management team manages the company. CEDA Products and Services- • Loan financing - (Development Fund and Young Farmers Fund) • Non-cash instruments • Provision of training and mentoring services • Credit Guarantee Scheme. Other Development Schemes- CEDA has other citizen development schemes under its management, namely CEDA Venture Capital Fund administered by Venture Capital Botswana and Financial Assistance Policy. However, the latter scheme has ceased to receive new applications.
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Petrus Sebina
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